The Route

The race course is an east-about circumnavigation starting and finishing in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. Competitors will sail down the Atlantic from North to South leaving:

  • An inshore Canary Island mark (TBA) to Port.
  • Island of Trinadade to Port.
  • An inshore Cape Town mark (TBA) to Starboard.
  • 44 degrees South latitude to Starboard till 100 degrees East.
  • Cape Leeuwin to Port.
  • To a 'Gate'(TBA) in Storm Bay, Tasmania.
  • Snares Islands to Starboard.
  • Bounty Islands to Starboard.
  • Waypoint 47 degrees South latitude and 174 degrees West longitude to Starboard.
  • 47 degrees South latitude to Starboard until east of 115 degrees West longitude.
  • 50 degrees South latitude and 90 degrees West longitude to Port.
  • Cape Horn to port.
  • Sail up the Atlantic from South to North. Then to the Finish line (TBA).

In Port
Dingle Bay